Pixel 6 is the Wrong Name

Pixel 6 is the Wrong Name

Pixel 6 is the Wrong Name

Google finally officially launched the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. In my opinion, these are the right phones with the wrong name.

Pixel 6 is the Wrong Name for Google’s New Phones

Pixel 6 is the wrong name for Google's new phones

Google has finally removed the covers from the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and after months of leaks and official announcements, the phones look really pretty impressive. This could be one of the few. Recently, a technology product has lived up to expectations.

Now that I’ve used both phones (if only very briefly), here’s what I can say: These are the pixels I’ve been waiting for. I’ve already written that Google has shot each other in the foot since the first Pixel in 2016, but that’s over now: the new Pixels, and the Pixel 6 Pro, in particular, are finally where they can be are ready to buy for me. I had never thought of that with a Pixel smartphone.

I never wanted a Pixel phone because nothing about them bothered me. The specifications and design were generally out of date, and the desired features were either half-baked or lacking altogether. However, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are very different. Google is finally giving me (and most of the buyers I know) what we want. It’s a paradigm shift for the entire brand.

For all of this, I think charging these phones nicknamed “Google Pixel 6” was the wrong step.

‘Google Pixel 6’ is the wrong name

I understand why the Pixel 6 series is called that. This is the sixth major line of phones in the Pixel family, so it’s a Pixel 6, I get it. The name suggests that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are part of an evolution. Remember, this is the sixth episode of the Pixel TV show, and every other episode has led to this one.

But I’m sorry, it just doesn’t feel that way. This doesn’t feel like Chapter 6 of a TV series, this feels like a whole different TV series. Imagine you just docked five episodes of a low budget TV series from ten years ago and suddenly Chapter 6 starts and you have the budget. and polished by The Mandalorian. That would be pretty annoying, wouldn’t it?

That’s what I think happened here. Not only is this a new chapter for the Pixel series, but this is also a new beginning.

You can look at any number of Pixel 6 series skins to see this change. The designs are of course completely different. Cameras are finally modernizing what Google avoided for the past three generations of Pixels, the Pixel 6 Pro’s display is the most advanced on a Pixel phone, and both phones have huge batteries (finally!). and all hardware is more advanced, redesigned, or both.

As I said, this is a paradigm shift and the names of the phones should have coincided with this change.

I have no idea what Google should have used instead. Maybe take away the numbers and go with letters? Google Pixel Z? Or maybe Google could have removed “Pixel” altogether and started something new. I’m sure the marketing team could have had some interesting ideas.

Of course, I understand why that wouldn’t be a good thing. Google has spent the last five years building brand awareness for the word “pixel” and is not going to give up all of this work. However, from a logical point of view, I don’t think this phone has the correct name.

This is a fresh start for Google

I’ve used all of the Pixel phones. When testing the Google Pixel 6, I held the phone in one hand and the Google Pixel 5 in the other. Honestly, if I didn’t know better and someone told me that the phones are from completely different manufacturers, I would believe it. They are more different than similar.

Everyone who reads this can decide for themselves whether they like it or not. The designs of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are unquestionably divisive. What cannot be said, however, is that the Pixel 6 series is a fresh start for Google’s smartphone ambitions. The company is moving over the fences here, and that is very exciting. I’m sure it’s extremely nervous for Google too, but for us tech freaks in the stands, it’s exciting.

I really wish the name of this phone matched those ambitions. It feels strange that a phone that isn’t physically safe in almost every way has a name that honestly does. The telephones will of course continue. To be the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro no matter what I say but don’t let the name disprove what’s really going on here. This phone isn’t just a repeat, it’s a statement that Google is here and ready to change things.

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