PlayStation VR 2 Finally Revealed in First Images

PlayStation VR 2 Finally Revealed in First Images

Sony finally lifted the veil on PlayStation VR2 along with the final design image of the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers.

Note: This news is breaking. We’re updating this piece as new information comes in.

We’ve been waiting for nearly a year now since Sony first revealed images of its PSVR 2 Sense controllers to finally catch a glimpse of PSVR 2.

The next-gen headset itself takes on a very PS5 aesthetic—which is no wonder, since it’s the official VR headset for PS5. The company also says the orb-like headset and matching controllers are supposed to represent “the 360-degree view that players feel when they enter the virtual reality world.”

Sony says it’s paid “very close attention to the ergonomics of the headset and conducted extensive testing to ensure a comfortable feel for a variety of head sizes.”

Image courtesy Sony

The company says it’s balanced the headset weight and included an adjustable headband that can be tweaked to fit the headset closer or further away from the face. So much is pretty standard for the original PSVR too, however Sony says new features a lens adjustment dial for more comfortable viewing, among other things.

Image courtesy Sony

“We also created a slimmer design with a slight weight reduction – even with the new added features such as the new built-in motor for the headset feedback,” says Hideaki Nishino, Sony Vice President of Platform Experience. “It was quite a challenge to create a slimmer design with new features added to improve upon our first headset, but our design and engineering teams proved this could be possible when we saw the final design!”

The headset is also said to include a new vent design for better air flow. And just like the PS5 and Dual Sense controller, the new PSVR 2 Sense controller and PSVR 2 headset will feature tiny PS symbols all throughout its design.

Image courtesy Sony

Sony first shared PSVR 2’s specs back in January. As you can see below, it’s set to be a substantial upgrade over the original PSVR, which was first unveiled in 2014 as Project Morpheus and later released as PSVR in 2016.

Yes, it has tethered design, although it features inside-out optical tracking that will do away with the positively ancient PlayStation Camera, as well as PS Move controllers. If you’re looking for a bigger breakdown than the chart below, check out our PSVR 2 spec comparison article for more.

PSVR vs. PSVR 2 Specs

2,000 × 2,040 (4.1MP) per-eye, OLED, HDR
960 × 1,080 (1.0MP) per-eye, RGB OLED
Refresh Rate
90Hz, 120Hz
90Hz, 120Hz
Single element non-Fresnel
Field-of-view (claimed)
110° (diagonal presumed)
100° (diagonal presumed)
Optical Adjustments
USB-C (no breakout box)
USB, HDMI (breakout box)
Cable Length
Inside-out (no external beacons)
Outside-in (external camera)
On-board cameras
4x IR (external), 2x IR (internal)
PSVR 2 Sense controllers (rechargable), eye-tracking
DualShock 4 (rechargeable), PS Move (rechargeable), PS Aim (rechargeable), voice
3.5mm aux output
3.5mm aux output
Controllers, headset
Release Date
Expected Q3/Q4 2022
Console Compatibility
PS5 (backwards compatibility not expected)
PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5

There’s still no telling when PSVR 2 will release. We’ll be following this story in the coming days, so check back soon.

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