'Profound But Fleeting'! Hilaria Baldwin Shares Nursing Pics Raising 6 Kids

'Profound But Fleeting'! Hilaria Baldwin Shares Nursing Pics Raising 6 Kids

Breast-feeding her brood! Hilaria Baldwin has nursed all five of her and Alec Baldwin’s children over the years.

The Living Clearly Method author and the Saturday Night Live star welcomed their eldest child together, a daughter named Carmen, in 2013. The “Mom Brain” podcast cohost nursed the little one for 15 months.

Breast-feeding Carmen’s brother, Rafael, was a different story, Hilaria told Fit Pregnancy and Baby in 2016.

“I prided myself on being a Super Breast-Feeding Mommy, but I was only able to breast-feed Rafa until he was 10 months old,” the Boston native told the magazine at the time, adding that her “milk supply went way down” when she became pregnant with their third child, Leonardo.

“The fact that I didn’t breast-feed him for as long as I’d intended is OK,” the former yoga instructor explained. “We beat ourselves up for not being perfect, but there’s something to be said for letting go.”

Hilaria went on to give birth to sons Romeo and Eduardo in 2018 and 2020, respectively. (As for Alec, the actor also shares daughter Ireland Baldwin with his ex-wife, Kim Basinger.)

While raising their children, the Yoga Vida co-founder depends on her “community” for help, she wrote via Instagram in August 2020.

“My family is so far they can’t be here,” Hilaria wrote in a comment at the time. “I feel really lucky with my community of friends, godparents, nanny and honorary uncles and aunts who support me. I never want it to seem as though I am doing all of this with no support.”

The fitness guru added that she doesn’t “sit with [her] feet up while other people parent” Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo and Eduardo. “Parenting is hard — and when you have a ton of kids, an extra set of hands is to keep everyone safe. When one baby runs one way and another runs the other way, we look at each other and chase after one babe. It’s hectic!! But amazing and I feel so lucky for so many reasons. I also know that they grow up so fast and one day I’ll be able to rest again — I’m trying to be present and hold onto it for as long as possible.”

Keep scrolling to see Hilaria’s breast-feeding photos over the years.

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