Qatar World Cup warning as fans told they face six months in JAIL for drinking outside special zones

Qatar World Cup warning as fans told they face six months in JAIL for drinking outside special zones

Football fans are being told to take “no risks” in Qatar, and could get nicked just for appearing drunk or sipping a beer outside of the designated areas.

Qatar’s strict drinking laws mean football fans will need to be extra-cautious at this year’s World CupCredit: Getty

Visiting nations are being instructed to “respect Islamic traditions” when the tournament begins in November – but there are fears that World Cup fever could land football fanatics in hot water.

A police source told the Daily Star: “I can’t stress enough about how different the two countries are – in every way.

“The cultural beliefs are literally opposite. And there is a very real fear – and belief – that the Government is going to be left having to sort out cases of getting Brits released.

“Only fans interested in watching the physical games of football should go.

“Don’t even think about celebrating big wins. It is too dangerous.”

However, the host nation has announced that it is easing some of its strict booze laws for November, as the rules where alcohol can be bought have been relaxed.

Usually, alcohol is only served in licensed restaurants and hotels for those aged 21 and over – but beach clubs and stadium kiosks will be selling booze as well when the competition kicks off.

But boozy Brits will also have to cough up extra to enjoy a pint at the World Cup, as Qatar’s ‘sin tax’ will see increase alcohol prices spike at the tournament.

The ‘sin tax’ is normally set at 100%, but Budweiser, which sponsors the competition, anticipates pints to cost around £6 in the designated fan zones while prices soar elsewhere.

World Cup chief executive Nasser Al Khater said: “Alcohol is not part of our culture – but hospitality is.”

But while supporters will have to be on their best behaviour, England’s WAGs have found a loophole.

The England squad’s other halves are staying on a luxury cruise liner off the coast so they can drink alcohol and avoid Qatar’s strict booze laws.

Boozy football fans have been warned to take ‘no risks’ when they celebrate at the World Cup in November


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