Rajon Rondo accused of scary domestic violence in new court filing

Rajon Rondo accused of scary domestic violence in new court filing

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Rajon Rondo is in hot water after news broke of a domestic violence dispute erupting from a heated altercation with the mother of his two children.

TMZ Sports reported, “Ashley Bachelor, Rondo’s former partner and mother of his two kids, filed for an emergency protective order in Louisville last week, requesting protection for her, her son and daughter.”

Bachelor alleges on May 11, Rondo and their son were playing video games when she requested their child to separate some laundry. Rondo reportedly became furious and ripped the console out of the wall in front of their son. He would then go into a fit of rage, destroying many objects on the property before leaving the premises, only to return 15 minutes later armed with a handgun.

Rondo then instructed his ex to bring him their children while making a death threat. He would eventually leave the premise entirely on his own accord.

Rajon Rondo allegedly involved in a frightening domestic violence incident

Warning: The following details can be graphic and could possibly trigger domestic violence victims. 

Bachelor wrote the following in her emergency protection order from May 13.

She continued in her message to say their daughter receives similar verbal abuse as her brother.

As far as TMZ Sports knows, there has not been any criminal activity surrounding Rondo and he has not been arrested. Even if there are no other charges, this is a terrible look for the point guard.

Since this is an ongoing matter, we will bring to you more information on this as it comes to light.

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