Reconnect With Nature At Fauna Allegoria Exhibition

Reconnect With Nature At Fauna Allegoria Exhibition

marina oeschner emi avora Marina Oechsner, Art curator and organiser with team Olal`Art — Artworks by Emi Avora and ceramic by Charlotte de Charentenay

When did you first get interested in art and how did it lead you into the business of being an “art show curator”?

My passion for art started at an early age. After studying at Ecole Boulle, the college of fine arts in Paris, I begin my career as a scenographer in Paris working with architects on the renovation of the Egyptian Antiquities in Le Louvre. Most of my experience in Visual arts, design and scenography is coming from collaborating with international beauty brands in Asia such as Giorgio Armani, Shu Uemura, Helena Rubinstein, Elizabeth Arden.

The world of beauty brought me to Asia 20 years ago as an international architect. Making a pause with the cosmetic industry in 2020, gave me the opportunity to develop the art consultant activity in Asia. I always wanted to propose cross-cultural experiences related to art and heritage in Asia.

My experience of artistic collaborations and creative platforms begins with Guerlain LVMH and the launch of historical pop-up stores in China.  I have learned through these various experiences the importance to adapt the concept and palettes to the audience in Asia.

The exhibition Fauna Allegoria will be staged in Singapore from December 12, 2021 to January 3, 2022. Tell us more about the concept of the show and what visitors can expect to see?

helene le chatelier fauna allegoriaHelene Le Chatelier’s Natural Memories

Fauna Allegoria is an exhibition featuring 14 artists from Asia and Europe. The concept is about the reconnection to the fantasy of nature from within. Living a period of sudden immobility, with the universal desire to discover the world, the artists explore the genuine and free-spirited sense of nature in an enclosed environment.

Who are the participating artists and what is their respective background?

shi lee feng justin lee fauna allegoriaShi Li Feng and Justin Lee in front of Justin’s “Happy Girls”.

We are collaborating with Olal`Art Chinese Art club, two ladies from Hong Kong and Shanghai who arrived in Singapore during the lockdown. Together we have selected Chinese and Singaporean artists who represent a new generation of dream-like and pop art artists in South East Asia with their most iconic series.

Visitors will have the chance to discover the iconic series of Shi Lifeng, the Peach Blossom landscapes, new works of the Singaporean artist Andy Yang, the textile artist Lilia Yip, the Greek Emi Avora, and the ceramist sculptor Charlotte de Charentenay. Inessa K will be showing for the first time — she is a Russian artist based in Singapore, with a poetic approach to Perakan collages. Helene Le Chatelier will exhibit installation sculptures and her series, Natural Memories. Delphine Rama will be showing a new series of engraved leather artworks.

justin lee and andy yangJustin Lee and Andy Yang in front Linette Cajou art.

We are also proud to participate with two Chinese artists with pop art influences Shen Jing Dong and Leo Liu Xuan Qi, a Chinese artist who won a UOB award in 2012. His abstract ink and clouds series is inspired by nostalgia of his country of origins the mountain and the fields in China. The renowned Singaporean artist Justin lee will show his iconic pop art Happy girls series with porcelain faces, a touch of positive energy, and humour.

Is the need for nature-related topics in art much stronger following the past lockdown periods? 

charlotte and emiCharlotte de Charentenay and Emi Avora

Fortunately yes! With the art world shifting to virtuality and the natural materials being rarer to source, there is a new desire for “Renaissance” and concerns to reconnect with nature. The “dream-like” trend is growing in Europe and is echoing in the Asia art market with contemporary artists re-exploring ancient techniques such as ink, ceramic art, experimenting with upcycling and holistic experiences in their artistic practices. This experience of rebirth is building the future for the new generation of art lovers and is engaging the audience in an artistic community with concern for sustainability and to preserve the environment.

What are the top five reasons to visit Fauna Allegoria?

ceramics fauna allegoriaArtworks by Charlotte de Charentenay and Emi Avora artworks at fauna allegoriaRhinoceros by Shen Jing Dong, Andy Yang, Hong Kong Beach by Linette Cajou and Happy girls by Justin LeeceramicsArtworks by 12 Charlotte de Charentenay and Delphine Rama Inessa K artArt by Inessa K.

A moment to reconnect and to celebrate nature through the eye of dream-like artists from China, Southeast Asia and EuropeGet to know multidisciplinary artists who playfully re-invent crafts in a contemporary way with different mediums such as Ceramic art, abstract Ink or collage art.A moment to celebrate nature and heritage with bold colours and texture dialoguing and connecting artists from different cultural backgrounds in a lovely shop house apartment. A unique opportunity to discover high-potential artists at your doorway and at affordable prices. To engage in the art community in Singapore by supporting the art scene and artistic community in Southeast Asia.

What special emotions do you want the visitors and art collectors to experience when going through Fauna Allegoria?

At a moment Singapore re-opens slowly its borders, visitors are in the energy of rebirth. We believe it is engaging to see an exhibition with artists celebrating openly nature through beautiful crafts.

Will all artworks exhibited at Fauna Allegoria be for sale?

fauna allegoriaWorks by Leo Liu Xian Qi and Emi Avora

Yes, all the artworks are for sale and at affordable prices. The art collectors are welcome to discover Fauna Allegoria art selection in the e-Catalog posted on Instagram with the link in bio. All the benefits are re-invested to organise more exhibitions and to promote local and international artists.

Will this be an annual exhibition?

In collaboration with Olal`Arts, we wish to organise more curated pop-up exhibitions with Chinese and European artists. The next one will be in a cutting-edge gallery in the Tiong Bahru district. Keep you posted in early 2022! 

Which are the supporting partners and participating galleries?

fauna allegoriaArtworks by Thierry Bisch & Leo Liu Xian Qi

On the venue, we are collaborating with our neighboured galleries Art Porters and Art Agenda Sea located in the heritage shophouses of Spottiswoode Park District. Visitors will have the chance to see three exhibitions at one time at 63 Upper Gallery, Art Porters, and Art Agenda Sea Galleries. After the “Influencers” exhibition, it is a pleasure to renew the collaboration with Intersections, Clementine de Forton, and Cuturi Galleries who have contributed to launch the artists like Helene Le Chatelier, Thierry Bisch, Delphine Rama, and Didier Jaba Mathieu.

What measures are you putting in place to ensure the exhibition complies with the strictest health rules?

joy, justin lee and marina oeschner de coninckJoy Fallenius, Justin Lee and Marina Oechsner de Coninck.

Visitors are welcome up to groups of five persons. We are ensuring all the visitors are welcomed according to safety regulations and wearing masks. The exhibition will be opened from Thursday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 7 pm until January 3, 2022.

Your favourite contemporary museum in Southeast Asia?

Without hesitation, my favourite museum in Southeast Asia is the National Gallery of Singapore. “Nam June Paik: The future is Now” is a must-see exhibition for art lovers. Thrilling to re-discover the story of the avant-garde Korean artist, Paik.

Get your tickets to the exhibition here. Follow Marina on her Instagram: @marinaoeschner, and get in touch with her at

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