Rex Ryan’s toe expertise sends ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ set into a frenzy

Rex Ryan’s toe expertise sends ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ set into a frenzy

During ESPN’s ‘Get Up’, NFL analyst Rex Ryan reminded fellow co-hosts of his toe expertise, referencing a longstanding rumor about Ryan.

The Packers haven’t released much about the status of Aaron Rodgers’ fractured toe, causing NFL analysts to discern the level of concern the Packers have for the quarterback’s injury. He did return to limited practice on Friday and scored 45 points against the Bears, but toe injuries are no joke.

That is, except for renowned toe expert Rex Ryan.

During a Monday morning recap of the Week 14 Sunday slate, the ESPN ‘Get Up’ crew, consisting of Dan Orlovsky, Mike Greenberg, Ryan Clark and Rex Ryan, gathered around the table to discuss the severity of Rodgers’ toe injury. Ryan chimed in with a line that had the room in a laughing fit.

“Listen, I’m a toe expert,” Ryan began as his co-hosts chortled and looked away. Clark was so affected by Ryan’s reference that he got up and walked away from the table as Orlovsky and Greenberg sat there laughing. Ryan continued on with his knowledge on the subject.

“Let’s just say there’s nothing wrong with Aaron Rodgers. He threw for 350 yards and four touchdowns — come on, stop!” Ryan said. “Stop it already!”

“So you’re suggesting you’re not concerned?” Greenberg asked him, stifling a chuckle.

“No, I’m not concerned, he was out of practice, that’s all that was about,” Ryan responded. Greenberg gestures for a standing Clark to come back and sit down, to which Clark responds, “I’m not working, bruh.”

Rex Ryan speaks on Aaron Rodgers’ toe injury as a “toe expert”

Back in 2010, Ryan was the coach of the New York Jets, but he made headlines for something else entirely: as having an alleged foot fetish.

Deadspin released an article aggregating clues about someone who looks eerily like Rex Ryan’s wife, Michelle Ryan, posing in online videos catering to those who have a penchant for pretty feet.

Ryan’s rumored weakness was eventually levied against him by his mortal enemies, the New England Patriots. During the 2011 NFL playoffs, talented Patriots receiver Wes Welker demonstrated his wordplay skills when he worked in 11 thinly-veiled references to Ryan’s foot fetish.

“These are the games you play for. What you spend all year getting ready for and you just want to put your best foot forward,” Welker said.

He also said “you can’t just stick your toe in the water” and that the team should “Just go out there and be good little foot soldiers.”

Former Jets center Nick Mangold fired back at Welker with his own cryptic tweet, referencing the Patriots SpyGate scandal.

Wes Welker is a great player. He’s really taken advantage of watching film. If we don’t keep a Spy on him, he could really open the Gate

— Nick Mangold (@nickmangold) January 15, 2011

The Jets had the last laugh, as they defeated the Patriots in a 28-21 victory to reach the AFC Championship. Still, Welker’s ingenious comments live on in press conference infamy.

At the time, Ryan answered inquiries about the situation by saying it was a “personal matter”, but it seems Ryan has finally gotten his foot out of his mouth and is ready to step into the limelight as the NFL’s leading toe expert.

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