Ryan Clark blames Dak Prescott for holding Cowboys back

Ryan Clark blames Dak Prescott for holding Cowboys back

ESPN analyst Ryan Clark criticized Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott for holding his team back from Super Bowl contention.

The Cowboys have hit a puzzling slump. With playoffs on the horizon, the proverbial ship is sinking, and Dallas is struggling to stop the leakage.

The team has struggled on third downs, the once-unstoppable run game is getting stuffed, and the high-flying passing attack has been grounded. Some, like ESPN analyst Ryan Clark, have blamed Prescott’s poor decision-making.

“This Dak Prescott, the guy playing football now, cannot win a championship!” Clark said on “Get Up.”

“They cannot be a Super Bowl team with No. 4 playing at the level he’s playing at.”

Ryan Clark blames Dak Prescott for recent Cowboys slump

While some are quick to say the problem starts at quarterback, the mystery of the Cowboys’ decline has confounded the NFL world for weeks. Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner broke down some of Dallas’ plays in an edition of Study Ball.

“First play of the game, you’ve got Dak Prescott standing here with absolutely no options whatsoever to throw the football,” Warner said.

Others believe the quarterback is still fighting through one of his many recent injuries.

Jerry Jones — always one to defend his quarterbacks — blames the Dallas wideouts.

“The thing that you’re seeing sometimes when the pass looks errant is because the receiver… ran the wrong route, cut it off two yards shorter… That’s one of the answers, better routes,” Jones said.

All-Pro right guard Zach Martin has taken responsibility, blaming the offensive line for the sudden decline in the running game. Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has blamed the referees.

Others have blamed Mike McCarthy, citing poor coaching and poor play-calling on first and second down.

Whatever the cause may be, former Cowboys like Dez Bryant are worried about the current state of the offense.

I think highly of Dallas offense and what they can be… I truly believe they have one of the best set ups on o around the league. …y’all have to come on with it… Dallas D is playing lights out!!.. find the flow as a collective..if this the O going into the playoffs I’m worried

— Dez Bryant (@DezBryant) December 12, 2021

Prescott or not the Cowboys are running out of time to fix their issues — and they need to figure it out as quickly and efficiently as they figured out how to have heated benches at FedEx Field.

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