The building block of SEO includes code, content, and credibility.

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in promoting your business. You know millions of people search more than three billion queries into Google each day. What if you could have all the relevant searches directed to your website? You can make it happen by embracing a new way – SEO. It helps rank your website on search engine result pages (SERPs), build your credibility, and helps you target potential customers.

If you want to achieve above mention goals, it is significant to get familiar with the 3Cs that rule search engine optimization. Most people believe that only content drives SEO, but that’s not totally true. There are two more important components that, together with the content, make the SEO strategies powerful.

Read along and know more about the 3Cs of search engine optimization:


Content – The King of All SEO Components

Content has always been and shall remain the king in the digital marketing landscape. A business that knows its importance has already invested in staying competitive in the digital world. Want to know how you can take advantage of content? Here is what you have to do;

       Create content strategy       Know target audience       Emotions       Keyphrases

Captivation and informational content are a must for a strong digital presence. Content is king! It is important to create an effective content strategy keeping in mind the target audience. consider what your customer is looking for and provide information about it. Also, the search engine spiders cannot analyze visuals and videos; hence the only option remaining is text. All the content must include targeted keywords that are visible to Google spiders. It is essential to add keyphrases in the meta description, titles, and web content to strengthen your game. By doing this, you can target your customer who uses the same keyword to search for product and services.

Code – Better Strategies, Great Results

When you develop a website, code plays a crucial role. The entire functionality of the website depends on the way your website is coded. Sometimes it is difficult for search engine spiders to understand a few programming languages on which certain websites are designed. So it is better to follow standard web rules. If you want to make your website user-friendly, optimize the source code. Include titles and tags on all pages.

Tip: Your domain must include keywords.

Credibility – The Secret to Success

Once you have developed the website, you will see people are visiting your website. But how you can convert your visiting customer into a paying customer. Retaining customers is key to your business success. Your website should be SEO optimized to gain the attention of search engines. Building credibility is key. Higher the quality of your link better will be your credibility. Remember, search engines look for quality more than quantity.

Once you are done with 3C’s, your next goal should be conversion because making a profit from your investment must be on your goal list.

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