SilkSpells: Good Things Happen When You Close Your Eyes

SilkSpells: Good Things Happen When You Close Your Eyes

silkspells.comImage: SilkSpells, a Singapore-based eCommerce site, is changing the way we shop. We caught up with its director, Vandana Bhagat to find out about their novel concept.

There has been a lot of buzz about SilkSpells lately. What is it all about?

silkspellsImage: SilkSpells

Yes, ever since we launched the new SilkSpells site, there has been a lot of interest from not only our customers but also from the e-commerce industry in general.

People have been both shocked and intrigued about our concept which has basically reversed the general trend of the industry. Every online store is trying to show more and more details about their products with photos, videos and even 3D and animation. This is the first time an online store is actively ‘hiding’ the products from view! Buy blind!

How did you come up with the concept? How does it work, and how can people ‘buy blind’ as you suggest?

Till recently, we were like your typical online store. But during this pandemic, we encountered many of our customers asking for our suggestions on what to buy. Just on a whim, we suggested that they just let us decide what products to ship to them! This was so well received by many of our customers. They really enjoyed the entire experience. It is like buying yourself a surprise gift.

While it is quite novel, this style of shopping is surely not for everyone. What has been your experience so far?

silkspellsImage: SilkSpells

You’re right, this way of shopping is not for everyone. It appeals to a small segment, we call them ‘Pirates’! I can tell you from experience that the enjoyment that ‘Pirates’ get from shopping in this style is immense.

Can you tell us more about who are these ‘Pirates’?

silkspellsImage: SilkSpells

It took us some time to understand that the people who really enjoyed this idea of buying without seeing had some common characteristics. Broadly, they tend to be working professionals. They are individualistic, adventurous, feisty, and audacious. In other words, ‘Pirates’ are the professionals behind the most successful businesses and innovations of our times. At, everything is organised to serve the ‘Pirates’. is known for using the top silk quality available on the market. Can you please tell us a little about the range of products at SilkSpells?

silk neckties silkspellsImage: SilkSpellssilkspells scarvesImage: SilkSpells

At, we are focused on only 100 per cent pure silk products. We are obsessed about exceptional quality silk and have a bias for bright, fresh, and sparkling designs. We carry a complete range of silk scarves, men’s neckties, and pocket squares. The silk scarves are in largely two categories: silk scarves that are traditionally handwoven jacquard weaves and silk scarves that are screen printed. Men’s silk neckties are all finely woven jacquards made with top quality materials and hand-finished.

In short, we sell only 100 per cent high-quality silk.

I see that you do not offer any returns or refunds. So, you’re asking the customers to ‘buy blind’ and yet there is a no refund or return policy?

That’s right. We do not accept any refunds or returns. Believe me, that’s the way the ‘Pirates’ like it!

The product photos that you have on are blank but the names seem to have a special font. Can you explain the idea?

silkspells neck tieImage: SilkSpells

All the product photos on our site are blank. However, you can get a faint idea of the colour and pattern. The name of the product is written using the actual colour and design that belongs to the particular product. The ‘Pirates’ only want a hint!

Can you tell us the story behind the name SilkSpells?

Silk has a very special place in history. Silk had a place of pride in so many traditions and cultures of not just Asia but the entire world. We wanted to bring that magic of silk to modern times by focusing on top quality, fine silk scarves and silk neckties. Cast spells with silk!

What is the next step from here?

Hopefully more fun, adventure, and surprises.

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