Size of Janzi award sends spectators into shocks, amusements

Size of Janzi award sends spectators into shocks, amusements

Different artiste associations like UNCC, Uganda Musicians Associations, Uganda National Cultural Forum and many others in partnership with Government of Uganda’s Operation Wealth Creation initiated new National awards “ the JANZI awards. These awards were formed to recognize the country’s cultural, creative and performing arts.

It has been long since we last organized widely recognized awards in Uganda after the collapse of PAM awards, so the Janzi awards anticipation was so high.

These awards took place on 11th and 12th December at Kololo Independence grounds and they were actually BIG as expected but the difference is the big was physical. Actually another word for big “ennene “ should be Janzi.

The Janzi awards are so huge that they need their own space in one’s house because honestly I don’t think they can fit on simple shelves.

If you saw how those who won the Janzi’s carried them to their homes not forgetting the very big black bags in which these awards were to be transported, trust me you will somehow feel bad for the winners.

Anyway congratulations to all our winners although the proprietor of these awards Sewakiryanga aka Sewa Sewa needs to seriously amend the size.

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