Skyrim Update 1.22 Patch Notes Today (December 13)

Skyrim Update 1.22 Patch Notes Today (December 13)

A brand new update for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was deployed earlier today (December 13) for all supported platforms.

Today’s update isn’t anything to shout about, as it only includes a few bug fixes and quality of life improvements. For those curious to find out what’s changed, you can check out official patch notes for the December 13 Skyrim update below.

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The Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim Anniversary Edition Trailer



The Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim Anniversary Edition Trailer





What’s New In Today’s Skyrim Update?

As mentioned previously, players won’t find any new content in today’s update. However, there are a long list of bug fixes for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

Most notably is a fix for the 0kb space issue that was persisting for certain PlayStation users. Numerous other bug fixes were included in today’s update which are detailed in the patch notes further down this article.

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Below you will find the official patch notes for the December 13 Skyrim update. The following patch notes were taken directly from the Bethesda Studios Discord page.


Added additional translations when downloaded creationsFixed Ash Zombies respawning and finding the player in their home (Ghost of the Tribunal)Fixed light flicker in the Ragged Flagon CisternFixed Palomino Horses missing mane texturesFixed an issue some PC Steam players were experiencing when trying to upgrade using their keyboardFixed an issue where Creation Club Bundles were incorrectly showing as “owned”Fixed an issue some players experienced when trying to change button mapping.Fixed crashing issue when spam casting Fireball.[PlayStation 4/5 Only] Fixed an issue causing “out of memory” crashes[PlayStation 5 Only] Fixed crashing after exiting the Pelagius Wing (Minds of Madness Quest)[PlayStation 5 Only] Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to launch the game through “Activities”.[Xbox Series X Only] Fixed an issue players encountered when naming their character, setting the default character name to “Prisoner”[Xbox Only] Fixed an issue when using the “download all” button

* We’ve included a fix that we believe will reduce instances of the 0kb space issue that some PlayStation players have experienced. While this should help mitigate cases, we are still investigating and working on a more comprehensive fix.

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