Soulja Boy Banned From Twitch Then Unbanned in Fastest Unban Ever

Soulja Boy Banned From Twitch Then Unbanned in Fastest Unban Ever

Rapper Soulja Boy who’s been streaming on Twitch lately ended up getting banned from the platform on December 9, 2021, only for the @Souljaboy channel to come back a few minutes later.

Many went to Twitter to point out how Soulja Boy has been banned from Twitch during his usual “Soulja Boy TV” streams.

Most of you will remember this is far from being the first time Soulja Boy gets into gaming-related troubles. You probably remember the infamous Soulja Boy console that was canceled in 2019. The console had a totally original donut steel concept and design and got shut down after receiving cease and desist notifications from various companies.

It’s the first time Soulja Boy ended up getting banned after joining Twitch according to the database Stream Bans. However, seeing how fast he got unbanned, this was perhaps a mistake, or maybe Soulja Boy has the right connections and is incredibly rich.

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Soulja Boy got banned then unbanned from Twitch after 5 minutes

Soulja Boy, judging from the details on the database SteamerBans, only got his account banned for five minutes before the ban was revoked. The channel is still accessible here with recent streams among the VODs.

Nowadays, Soulja Boy launched another console, a portable hardware called the TRDR Pocket. As a streamer, Soulja Boy has been pretty much going with the bread and butter everyone else plays. Most notably Fortnite, and you can watch several Clips related to the game on his channel. He’s also been playing new releases such as Halo Infinite and Forza.

This is definitely not the first time personalities end up (mistakenly?) banned from YouTube, Twitch, or other platforms due to algorithms and automatic bans. VTubers are often victims as well and it’s not unusual to see a new major agency’s VTuber like Hololive getting their channel banned or Twitter account frozen.

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