Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 review: Ambitious with one drawback

Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 review: Ambitious with one drawback

The world of Stranger Things keeps getting more complex and vast with every season. This last season definitely was the most expansive one yet. This season was divided into two parts, first one consisting of seven episodes and the second part consisting of two episodes. Yes the number of episodes were less in the second part but it still had an almost 4 hours of runtime.

Volume 1 ended with Vecna capturing Nancy. But, he doesn’t kill her in the second volume. Rather, he shows her the future and his plans and wants her to tell all this to Eleven. With Nancy now aware of Vecna’s plan, the group of friends in Hawkins plans to end Vecna once and for all. Eleven also is able to revive her powers.

In Russia, Joyce and Murray have reunited with Hopper. They kill a demogorgon together and then realize that there’s something even worse in the prison.

Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 is ambitious but does have a drawback

This is definitely the most ambitious season of Stranger Things yet. The story in this season takes place not only in two different dimensions but also on two different continents. Also, there’s the fact that this season has far more compelling characters and far more variables that can change the course of the story. This made the season even more engaging than the last three. Not to mention every episode in this season was over an hour long and still the season was paced very well.

Vecna’s reveal and backstory scene towards the end of volume one was amazing and that made his moments even better in the second part. Though this season overall has been tense and unpredictable, these last two episodes had some predictability to them not not that it ruins anything.

There are some really good acting moments for not only Eleven for the rest of the ensemble cast as well. Yes, Jonathan felt a little weird in this season but there’s a really great and well written brother to brother conversation between Will and him in volume 2.

Like the Duffer Brothers said, there are way more deaths in this season. Though, of course, we won’t spoil who died in part 2 here.

Joyce and Hopper have had undeniable chemistry since the first season but Joyce dating Bob and losing him created a weird dynamic between her and Hopper in season 3. Fans wanted the two characters to connect for years and finally in this season they share a great moment together.

Max is an important part of the story in this season which the last two season failed to do. Everything is fantastic about this season, though there’s one thing. There’s only one season left till the end of the show yet we haven’t seen any major death yet in the main ensemble. Not that they should die for no reason but it still feels odd.

So overall, this season was indeed great, it had its great moments. All the cast was able to show some great acting, the writing and the visuals were pretty impressive too.

Rating: 8.5/10

It’s confirmed towards the end that Vecna is still not dead and has already accomplished what he wanted. The gates between Hawkins and the upside down are open again and this time the battle against the other dimension will be far worse and will lead to the very end of the story with the next and final season.

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