Study reveals users with HomePod feel less lonely

A recently published study showed that people who own smart speakers feel more empowered and less lonely.

Ofcom shared the results of a study involving 15 non-smart speaker users and 100 users in the span of three weeks to understand the relationship between people and the device. Those in solitude, with disabilities, and seniors seemed to benefit the most from having a smart speaker around the house.

The study showed 28 Google speakers, 75 Amazon speakers, and other brands, including the HomePod. The users bought the devices mainly for streaming music, but quickly found out they had other benefits, such as setting timers and answering general queries. Most said they began using their smart speakers more than initially intended.

Users who live by themselves say that the device reduced their loneliness because it was interactive and they could talk to it. In line with this, common frustrations were not directed at a brand, dynamics, or demographic.

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