Survival Sim ‘Green Hell VR’ Demo Releases on Steam Today, Gameplay Trailer Here

Survival Sim ‘Green Hell VR’ Demo Releases on Steam Today, Gameplay Trailer Here

As a part of Steam Next Fest, Incuvo Games is today releasing a free demo of its upcoming VR adaptation of Green Hell (2019), the popular open-world survival game.

The studio says Green Hell VR is officially launching on Steam and Meta Quest in the first half of 2022. Like the original, the VR version has been confirmed to feature co-op, although it’s likely to come in a postlaunch update.

In the meantime, SteamVR users will be able take your first steps into the game’s immersive rendering of the Amazon rainforest, replete with day and night cycles, and dangerous flora and fauna.

Incuvo aims to make Green Hell VR “the most complex and authentic survival game for VR,” as it’s based on the critically-acclaimed flatscreen game from Creepy Jar.

The new gameplay trailer shows off a good number of VR-centric interactions, including chopping down trees, making fire by hand, hunting with a bow and arrow, healing yourself with home-made bandages, and building your base.

The handy little watch also includes all of your vitals, which you’ll need to keep an eye on as you adventure through the jungle.

The studio says its early demo build has issues with optimization at the moment, so it requires a high-end PC. Incuvo says it will publish a list of recommended cards on Steam for players, and will be optimizing and improving performance leading to launch.

You can download the free demo on Steam here when it’s live.

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