Extreme H is an upcoming off-road racing series with hydrogen cars

An off-road racing series that uses hydrogen cars is expected to debut in 2024. Extreme H will be a companion championship to Extreme E, an off-road motorsport with electric vehicles that held its first race last year. The two series

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Tesla is replacing faulty Autopilot cameras in some cars, internal documents say

Tesla is replacing repeater cameras in the front fenders of at least several hundred Model S, X and 3 vehicles made in Fremont, California, although the company has not yet initiated a voluntary recall, according to internal service documents the

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Here’s how Lotus is going to build lightweight electric sports cars

Lotus Cars is developing a lightweight electric vehicle architecture for sports cars. It uses a die-cast rear subframe that packages the drive unit. For two-seaters, the battery pack goes behind the passenger compartment. Lotus Cars This architecture can also create

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