Do supply chains hold the key to reducing inflation?

But on another front — supply chain backlogs — there are some welcome signs of relief. What’s happening: An indicator tracking supply chain stress compiled by UBS has improved significantly after peaking in October, the bank said this week. It

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Starbucks CEO defends wage hikes as stock falls 7% on coffee chain’s weak earnings outlook

Kevin Johnson, CEO, Starbucks Scott Mlyn | CNBC Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson on Friday defended the coffee chain’s plans to hike wages for baristas at least twice next year, saying that the move will help the company gain market share.

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Biden’s vaccine mandate will further disrupt supply chains, Raytheon CEO says

“We certainly expect that there will be some disruption in both the supply chain and with our customers as a result of this,” Raytheon CEO Gregory Hayes warned during a conference call with analysts Tuesday. “But we’re going to work

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