Why the Russian invasion will have huge economic consequences for American families | CNN Business

  New York CNN Business — Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is happening thousands of miles away from the closest major US city. And yet millions of American families will feel the economic consequences. That’s because the world economy and financial

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Changing how we approach data privacy to unlock economic opportunities

Vivek Narayanadas Contributor Vivek Narayanadas serves as General Counsel for MetaMap, which helps online services become borderless through user-centric, privacy-forward trust and safety workflows. From securing a loan to renting a car to getting a job, our lives increasingly depend

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Sanders: All Democrat senators need to agree on framework of economic bill before House vote

“I think there has got to be a framework agreed upon in the Senate that all of us know is going to be implemented before the members of the House vote,” Sanders — an Independent progressive who caucuses with Democrats

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