Development advertising and marketing is not a magic trick, suggests Ellen Jantsch of Tuff – TechCrunch

If you are searching for a growth internet marketing playbook, cease looking at now, mainly because you will not get a person from Tuff. The agency’s founder Ellen Jantsch will make it apparent: There is no one particular-measurement-fits-all when it

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See Kim Kardashian Correct Ellen DeGeneres for Assuming Psalm's Gold Chain Is Fake

We’d expect nothing less from the child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  While most kids get to play dress-up in their parents’ jewelry boxes, 2-year-old Psalm West already has a collection of his own. Kim unintentionally revealed her son’s affinity for

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Ellen DeGeneres Kicks Off Her Final Season With a Crying Jennifer Aniston

Ellen, unfortunately, did not keep the welcome mat there forever, but she tried to pretend she did.  “I’ve done this show 19 times,” Jennifer says, noting the distressed, hole-filled mat that someone had placed on stage. “That has only been

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