Did Monty Kill Bonnie in FNAF Security Breach? Who Killed Bonnie?

FNAF Security Breach fans are left in a dilemma, as many are wondering what happened to their beloved character Bonnie in the game. MORE: Epic Games Leaked Free Mystery Games List December 2021 (Updated) If you have played FNAF Security

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Who is Vanny & Vanessa in FNAF Security Breach? Is Vanny Animatronic?

FNAF Security Breach, the latest installment in the fan-favorite horror franchise is already getting quite a lot of love from fans out there. MORE: Who Are Glitchtrap & Scraptrap In FNAF: Security Breach? The game makes some significant changes from

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What Happened To Bonnie In FNAF: Security Breach & Is He In The Game?

The FNAF series is continuing to grow, with the recent release of Security Breach, the franchise clearly shows no signs of slowing down. But one of the driving forces in the series is Bonnie, the main antagonist in many of

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