One Year In, Joe Biden Has Confirmed More Lifetime Judges Than Decades Of Presidents

President Joe Biden is winding down his first year in office having already made significant headway on one of his most lasting legacies: judicial confirmations. Biden has put more people into lifetime federal judgeships than have decades of past presidents

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Afrigo Band’s Moses Matovu to be awarded first ever Janzi Lifetime Achievement Award

In appreciation of his decades long contribution to Uganda’s Arts, Creative and Performing Industry, the Janzi Awards Academy (JAA) have honored Founder of Afrigo Band, Moses Matovu with the coveted Janzi Lifetime Achievement Award. Unlike the other awards lined up

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Billionaire Sacklers granted lifetime legal immunity in opioid settlement

Enlarge / Friends and family members of people who have died during the opioid epidemic protest against a bankruptcy deal with Purdue Pharmaceuticals that allows the Sackler family to avoid criminal prosecution and to keep billions of dollars in private

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