Q5D is using robots to automate electronic wiring during manufacturing

Q5D’s proposition is a simple one: use robotics to automate the process of producing wiring harnesses for electronics. It’s one that — surprisingly — is often still executed by hand, owing to its overall complexity. It’s a process, the company

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HalfDive VR Headset Kickstarter Cancelled Due to Niche Appeal, Manufacturing Issues

Original Article (December 16th, 2021): HalfDive isn’t a brain-computer interface like SAO’s NerveGear, however it does promise to let users play SteamVR games like VRChat and experience some pretty interesting object interaction via its tethered force feedback solution too. The Kickstarter launched

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You require to wipe and reset your Apple iphone to manufacturing facility configurations before trading it in

Acquiring rid of your previous Iphone? Make positive you reset it correctly.  Sarah Tew/CNET No matter whether you happen to be getting an Iphone 13, Apple iphone 12 or a person of the awesome Android phones obtainable right now, a new mobile phone is

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