Kevin Hart booed the Saints in Philly during his promo (Video)

Comedian Kevin Hart acted tough for all of five seconds when he booed the New Orleans Saints during NFL Network interview.  Before the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints, the NFL Network cameras found an opportunity to

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Here’s how the Eagles bring back DeSean Jackson for Philly reunion

With DeSean Jackson and the Rams seeking a trade to send the veteran receiver out of Los Angles, could the Eagles make a deal to get him back? DeSean Jackson is set on leaving the Rams for greener pastures and

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Aaron Rodgers: Bears fans have nothing on Philly fans

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers casts his vote for the best “trash talkers” in the NFL, and his nomination goes to Philadelphia Eagles fans.  Even though Sunday’s game is over, Aaron Rodgers won’t stop owning the Bears. This time,

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