Google Pay App Won’t Be Getting Mobile Banking, Company Pulls Plug on Plex

Google has hit the brakes on a project to add mobile banking to its Pay app, even as the online financial services market for everyday investors heats up. The company has ended work on its Plex project, but continues to

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Need to get root on a Windows box? Plug in a Razer gaming mouse

Razer This weekend, security researcher jonhat disclosed a long-standing security bug in the Synapse software associated with Razer gaming mice. During software installation, the wizard produces a clickable link to the location where the software will be installed. Clicking that link

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Kathy Griffin announces lung cancer diagnosis, surgery, makes a plug for vaccination

Kathy Griffin has been diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer, the veteran comedian and actor announced Monday morning on social media. In a statement shared to Instagram and Twitter, Griffin revealed her condition before undergoing lung surgery, adding that she

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