Washington, D.C., protesters gather at Russian embassy to protest invasion of Ukraine

Protesters in Washington, D.C., have gathered at the Russian embassy to protest the country’s invasion of Ukraine early on Thursday morning. The protesters gathered outside the Russian embassy after Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he is green lighting a “special

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Canadian COVID mandate protesters block US border in British Columbia

As Canadian police continued clearing “Freedom Convoy” trucker demonstrators out of the capital in Ottawa on Saturday, protests over COVID restrictions continued in the nation’s west for a fourth straight weekend. Convoys of vehicles carrying vaccine-mandate protesters made their way

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Canada Police Arrive To Remove Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protesters At U.S. Border

WINDSOR, Ontario (AP) — Canadian police moved in to remove protesters Saturday at a bridge border crossing that has disrupted Canada-U.S. trade. Protesters at the busiest border crossing between the United States and Canada remained despite new warnings to end

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