Researchers warn that social media may be ‘fundamentally at odds’ with science

A special set of editorials published in today’s issue of the journal Science argue that social media in its current form may well be fundamentally broken for the purposes of presenting and disseminating facts and reason. The algorithms are running

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Infosec researchers say Apple’s bug-bounty program needs work

Enlarge / If you don’t maintain good relationships with bug reporters, you may not get to control the disclosure timeline. The Washington Post reported earlier today that Apple’s relationship with third-party security researchers could use some additional fine tuning. Specifically, Apple’s

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Facebook is blocking access to NYU researchers and urging legislators to blame – TechCrunch

Facebook closed the accounts of two academic researchers late Tuesday, blocking the ability to study political advertising and misinformation on the world’s largest social network. The company accused scholars of being involved in “illegal scraping” and infringing on the privacy

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