PseudoManuscrypt Malware Spreading the Same Way as CryptBot Targets Koreans

Numerous Windows machines located in South Korea have been targeted by a botnet tracked as PseudoManuscrypt since at least May 2021 by employing the same delivery tactics of another malware called CryptBot. “PseudoManuscrypt is disguised as an installer that is

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New Android Banking Trojan Spreading via Google Play Store Targets Europeans

A new Android banking trojan with over 50,000 installations has been observed distributed via the official Google Play Store with the goal of targeting 56 European banks and carrying out harvesting sensitive information from compromised devices. Dubbed Xenomorph by Dutch

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White House slams Aaron Rodgers for spreading COVID misinformation

Jen Psaki said the U.S. is “outraged” by the Pakistani court’s decision to release the man accused in the beheading of an American journalist. WH responds to latest in Daniel Pearl case Ole Miss fans troll Jimbo Fisher at College

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