Specify automagically collects, stores and distributes your design tokens and assets

Meet Specify, a startup that is creating a common language for Figma and GitHub. Specify acts as a central repository and API for your design tokens and assets. In other words, designers can update canonical Figma files, and changes will

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List of 5 Best Stores to Buy Best Makeup Brands in Pakistan

Buying best makeup brands in Pakistan can be very overwhelming because of the choices available, local or international? Where to buy what from? Local make-up brands are not only gaining popularity, but also taking over the cosmetics business in our

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California law requires stores have gender-neutral area for children’s products

California has become the first state to require large retailers to have gender-neutral sections for products like toys and toothbrushes — a law pushed by LGBT advocates who say that pink and blue marketing reinforces gender stereotypes and is harmful

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