9-Year-Old Unpatched Email Hacking Bug Uncovered in Horde Webmail Software

Users of Horde Webmail are being urged to disable a feature to contain a nine-year-old unpatched security vulnerability in the software that could be abused to gain complete access to email accounts simply by previewing an attachment. “This gives the

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New Linux Privilege Escalation Flaw Uncovered in Snap Package Manager

A new privilege escalation flaw has been discovered in the Snap Package Manager for Linux systems. The vulnerability allows attackers to gain root access on affected systems, potentially leading to unauthorized access, data theft, or further compromise of the system.

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Critical Flaw Uncovered in WordPress Backup Plugin Used by Over 3 Million Sites

Patches have been issued to contain a “severe” security vulnerability in UpdraftPlus, a WordPress plugin with over three million installations, that can be weaponized to download the site’s private data using an account on the vulnerable sites. “All versions of

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