US, UK Agencies Warn of New Russian Botnet Built from Hacked Firewall Devices

Intelligence agencies in the U.K. and the U.S. disclosed details of a new botnet malware called Cyclops Blink that’s been attributed to the Russian-backed Sandworm hacking group and deployed in attacks dating back to 2019. “Cyclops Blink appears to be

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Researchers warn that social media may be ‘fundamentally at odds’ with science

A special set of editorials published in today’s issue of the journal Science argue that social media in its current form may well be fundamentally broken for the purposes of presenting and disseminating facts and reason. The algorithms are running

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Pressure mounts over COVID vaccines for kids; docs warn against off-label use

Enlarge / PALOS VERDES ESTATES, CA – AUGUST 24: A father helps his 4-year-old son with the swab for a rapid COVID-19 test. After Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine earned full regulatory approval Monday, pressure is mounting to have the vaccine available

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