The 6 Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs of 2022

The 6 Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs of 2022

The power of yoga is celebrated by people worldwide of all ages and backgrounds as it is known for offering mental and physical well-being. Whether you are recovering from surgery or going through certain health conditions, or are simply looking for overall well-being, yoga can become an integral part of who you are and how you are doing in life. With this, more and more people are delving every day into yoga’s spiritual and physical practice. From decreasing stress levels to fighting anxiety and depression, yoga can enhance the overall quality of life. 

Having said this, increasing demand for yoga also means an increasing demand for yoga teachers. When you become a certified yoga teacher, you can opt for so many ways to earn while you practice- like opening your studio or online classes via live streaming or creating digital content. With some of the best training available online and offline, the world can become your oyster when you explore the world of yoga as a certified instructor and check what it entails. Let us delve into some of the best yoga certification and training courses for you to get started.

Top 6 yoga teacher training programs 2022:

YogaRenew 200-Hour Teacher Training: 

YogaRenew is a budget-friendly and online-only yoga teacher training program suitable for beginners and intermediate yoga enthusiasts. It also includes a unique module called “Beyond The Mat,” which covers ethics, confidence, and other essential factors in yoga teaching. This online training provides a strong foundation for yoga instructors. This yoga teacher program is quite reasonable compared to many others, with a tuition fee of $1637 (subject to change.) It’s an excellent option for self-directed, devoted learners with hectic schedules because it’s only available online.

Soul Ascension Healing Arts Online Yoga Course: 

The Soul Ascension Healing Arts Center is based out of Canada and is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga center. They provide a 200-hour online yoga certification into 30 video classes and cost approximately $888; You may study at your own pace, but it takes around four weeks to finish; a budget-friendly option, where subscribers are recognized as registered yoga teachers upon completion of the program. They will also receive a PDF handbook to assist them with their study and the 30 video lectures. 

Vinyasa Yoga School is located in the Indian city of Rishikesh, which is nestled in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River. The city of Rishikesh is known for its numerous yoga and meditation ashrams. Multiple 200, 300, and 500-hour yoga teacher training are held throughout the year at Vinyasa Yoga School, one of the first in Rishikesh to provide this flow style. The school’s primary purpose is to instill in future instructors that yoga is a broad discipline encompassing more than physical postures. The cost of yoga training starts at $1595.

True beginners and experienced students who have decided to dip their toes into teaching benefitting from the YogaWorks yoga program. The program’s strength is that it provides a variety of course formats, making it simple to find one that suits your needs. Asana, pranayama, anatomy, physical mechanics, sequencing, adjustments, props and modifications, history, philosophy, and best business practices are all covered in this course. The fee varies based on the course style.

The high-temperature lessons at Y7 Studios are the only reason they cut the yoga teacher training program. They provide a complete online teacher education curriculum for yoga teachers of all levels. Y7 Studio seeks to make yoga inclusive and accessible for all members of its community, intending to break down the typical hurdles beginner yoga teachers face. The 200-hour teacher training course cost is around $2800, including a non-refundable deposit.

The Jaguar Path is a one-of-a-kind yoga teaching program; it combines the invaluable and old age practices of Incan shamanism and yoga producing a new powerful healing method for people today. The Incan trio of the three great power animals. These three animals are the Jaguar, The Serpent, and the Condor. How they embody the worlds of mind, body, and spirit is at the heart of the programs offered by this institution. Offered by a licensed yoga instructor and Quero Indian healer, who goes by the name of Ray Crist, this unique yoga teaching training program can be a transformative experience that lasts for nine months. Located in Lenox, Massachusetts, the classes start as low as $10, making it an extremely affordable and unique place to get started for your yoga teaching practice.

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