The Bears should fire Matt Nagy after that mess vs. Ravens

The Bears should fire Matt Nagy after that mess vs. Ravens

The longer Matt Nagy remains the Chicago Bears head coach, the longer they will be a dead franchise.

Even if the Chicago Bears have hope at quarterback for once in Justin Fields, they need to fire head coach Matt Nagy yesterday to give the former Ohio State standout any semblance of hope for having success.

Though the Baltimore Ravens are a better team than them, John Harbaugh did not have Lamar Jackson available. Tyler Huntley got the start at quarterback for the visiting team. Even if Fields got hurt and Andy Dalton had to come in to replace him, the Bears cannot let this type of coaching nonsense continue. They need a new general manager too, as this team is a complete tire fire.

For a fanbase that finally had hope after drafting Fields, they are losing it exponentially with every passing day that Nagy is still allowed to be employed by the McCaskeys.

Chicago falls to 3-7 on the year after losing to the Ravens, 16-13.

Matt Nagy should not be coaching the Chicago Bears anymore whatsoever

If Nagy does not get the ax after this game, what happens when the Bears lose on Thanksgiving to the Detroit Lions? Detroit is going to win a game eventually, and with the way the toothless Bears offense has looked under Nagy for the better part of four years, why not on Thursday? It is beyond belief how Nagy stems from the Andy Reid coaching tree. Nagy epitomizes NFL offensive futility.

Watching the Bears play on Sundays is like watching the worst offense the Big Ten could ever hope to provide playing in a blizzard. There is no creativity, there is no progress, there is no hope. It is only pain. This fanbase does not deserve to have another one of their precious Sundays wasted by this coaching staff. It is as untenable as it was for Dan Mullen at Florida. Now, he’s out of a job.

Believing the Bears organization will do the right thing here and them actually doing what is necessary to save their moribund franchise are mutually exclusive entities.

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