The Cellarette, Rolls-Royce’s New Collectible

The Cellarette, Rolls-Royce’s New Collectible

rolls-royce cellaretteImage: Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce is releasing a new collectible, its own Cellarette. In it, contains an array of paraphernalia designed for any occasion. The Cellarette is derived from the marque’s rich heritage of providing clients with effortless and affordable hosting opportunities.

The Cellarette is leather lined, with a black anodised aluminium bottle holder that accommodates an array of bottle sizes. The box is a Spanish Cedarwood-lined humidor, complete with a hygrometer and an intricately detailed cigar cutter and lighter. The set showcases the true Rolls-Royce style of precision engineering, exquisite hand craftsmanship and a breath-taking presentation of luxury. 

rolls-royce cellaretteCellarette Humidor with Spanish Cedarwood. Image: Rolls-Royce

The accessories in the Cellarette are revealed in a mechanical fashion, similar to the opening of the coach doors of a Rolls-Royce motor car. Upon opening it, you will be presented with hand-blown lowball glasses, each exquisitely monogrammed with “RR”.

Together with the glasses, the Cellarette features Armagnac leather-lined bottle pannier is revealed. The “RR” embellished holder can adapt to different bottle sizes, which are held in place magnetically by a polished aluminium fastener, ensuring safe storage. At the opposite end is a humidor which, when opened, offers the user a cigar tray. 

rolls royce cellaretteCellarette Humidor and Ashtray. Image: Rolls-Royce

The Cellarette represents Rolls-Royce’s commitment to producing the finest luxury products and experiences for its patrons, well beyond the confines of the automotive environment. Not to mention it will be a fine addition to your accessories.

The Rolls-Royce Cellarette is available through any Rolls-Royce dealership, with prices starting from £40,570.

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