The Entirely Needless Meltdown over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

The Entirely Needless Meltdown over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

This is a big, free, rambunctious country, and our president is a public employee, not a king. Being insulted by the public comes with the territory.


earless and vital as ever, our steadfast friends over in the mainstream press corps are working themselves into a veritable lather over the nonchalant, tongue-in-cheek “Let’s Go Brandon” meme that has been deployed of late against the president. “No one is really cheering on a guy named Brandon,” NPR helpfully informed its readers yesterday. “Instead, the phrase is being used in conservative circles in place of a more vulgar message directed at President Biden.”

Heaven forfend!

Now, as ever, there is nothing in the world I care less about than people being rude to the president. The lines I worry about are …

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