The Holiday: 13 Most Heartwarming Quotes | Screen Rant

The Holiday: 13 Most Heartwarming Quotes | Screen Rant

One of the standout features of The Holiday is the fantastic chemistry between the characters, which leads to a lot of great lines said throughout the movie. Whether it be hilarious one-liners, witty comebacks, or more emotional and heartfelt moments, this festive movie has a little something for everyone.

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It’s a Christmas-themed romantic comedy and with its two storylines intertwining, there are a lot of connections between the main characters. This opens up great possibilities for conversations and with some fantastic, emotional storylines. There’s also some really smart dialogue between them that audiences will remember even after the movie is done.


Updated by Amanda Bruce on December 22, 2021: The Holiday became a near-instant classic when it released in 2006.. It managed to tell two very different love stories and bring some holiday magic to the screen at the same time. With it available on streaming platforms now, fans can relive the movie over and over again, and be reminded of some of the best lines the holiday rom-com genre has for its fans.

Iris Makes It Clear This Is A Love Story

“I’ve Found Almost Everything Written About Love To Be True.”

*Iris Makes It Clear This Is A Love Story "I've Found Almost Everything Written About Love To Be True." When The Holiday begins, both of the main characters are in bad relationships that are ending. That is the entire jumping off point of the story, and it seems like both women could turn out to be cynical when it comes to love, but they're not. Instead, Iris' first voiceover as she works on an article makes it clear that she loves the idea of love. Even though she's been unlucky and heartbroken, she can't help but be in love with the idea of two people who are perfect for one another, and of everything that comes with that. It makes her a surrogate for the audience of sorts as most of the members of a rom-com audience can perfectly understand where Iris is coming from.

When The Holiday begins, both of the main characters are in bad relationships that are ending. That is the entire jumping-off point of the story, and it seems like both women could turn out to be cynical when it comes to love, but they’re not.

Instead, Iris’ first voiceover as she works on an article makes it clear that she loves the idea of love. Even though she’s been unlucky and heartbroken, she can’t help but be in love with the idea of two people who are perfect for one another, and of everything that comes with that. It makes her a surrogate for the audience as most rom-com fans completely understand where Iris is coming from.

Arthur Knows How To Alleviate Tension

“I’m Absolutely Overwhelmed… That I Could Climb Those Stairs.”

Arthur at his desk shuffling through paperwork on The Holiday

Arthur, an aging screenwriter and neighbor of Amanda’s, becomes a dear friend to Iris when she swaps houses. He introduces Iris to a world of classic movies, and she learns about his illustrious career. The story never shies away from the limitations that have come with his aging, but Arthur learns not to be held back from them.

After working with Iris on being able to walk without assistance, he manages to take the stairs to a podium at a ceremony honoring him and makes light of the situation once he does. In truth, he’s overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for his work, and it’s gratifying for the audience to see that there are so many more people who appreciate the character than just Iris and Miles.

Iris Has Her Moment

“I Think What I’ve Got Is Something Resembling Gumption.”

Jasper argues with Iris at the front door in The Holiday

After Irish finally tells Jasper exactly what she thinks about their relationship, he is shocked. He’s clearly used to Iris being there for his needs, no matter what, and isn’t expecting her to stand up for herself. He seems to think less of her for it, but Iris, who has been getting her fill of classic movies, realizes she’s got “gumption.”

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It’s a cathartic moment for the audience as a whole, but this line reiterates how much Iris loves the classics and is still a romantic, even in her anger.

Iris Isn’t A Cynic

“I’m Looking For Corny In My Life.”

Iris in The Holiday

Romantic comedies are notorious for their slightly cheesy but also heartwarming lines about love, which is exactly what this is. When Iris goes to pick up Arthur for his award ceremony near the end of her holiday swap with Amanda, he presents her with a flower, which he worries isn’t what people do anymore.

However, she quickly stops him from worrying and makes it clear that she’s very happy with things being a little corny. It sums up Iris as a character, as she’s not interested in things being overly fancy but simple and thoughtful.

Amanda Is Upfront

“Sex Makes Everything More Complicated.”

Graham and Amanda in The Holiday

While Iris’ storyline is a little more slow-paced when it comes to the romantic moments, that isn’t the case over in England with Amanda and Graham. They don’t waste much time before getting into bed, and of course, that does lead to complications.

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It’s a great line because it’s something that all adults can relate to and understand. Normally, movies like this romanticize sexual encounters and while The Holiday is guilty of that stereotype as well, it at least addresses the fact that things aren’t always as simple as they might seem.

Graham Isn’t Phased By Amanda’s Stories

“You’re Seriously The Most Depressing Girl I Have Ever Met.”

Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in The Holiday

Thi iss one of the funnier moments from the movie. Throughout the story, it’s clear that Amanda is a worrier and she always takes a look at the worst possible outcome.

Even during the moment when they’re discussing possibly entering a relationship and making things work, despite living in different countries, Cameron Diaz’s Amanda sees all the negatives. This leads to Graham pointing out how depressing she is in a lighthearted and funny manner.

Graham Knows He’s Emotional

“A Good Book, A Great Film, A Birthday Card, I Weep.”

One of the reasons that Jude Law’s great character, Graham, is such a hit in this movie is the fact that he’s not afraid to show his emotions. This movie flips the stereotype on its head when it comes to emotions by having Amanda struggle to show hers, while Graham has no problem letting his out.

When they first go on a “date” together, Graham speaks openly about being an emotional person, and while Amanda initially shoots that idea down, he starts listing things that make him cry. It’s a funny line as he goes quite over the top with the situation.

Graham Does Anything For His Girls

“I’m Mr. Napkin Head!”


Graham explains to Amanda, “I’m a full-time dad. I’m a working parent. I’m a mother and a father. I’m a guy who reads parenting books and cookbooks before I go to sleep. I spend my weekends buying tutus. I’m learning to sew. I’m Mr. Napkin Head!”

This quote is an amazing one because it really sums up how Graham is as a person. The reason he’s so relatable is that his biggest achievement is being a father, and as a single dad, he really puts in the effort. Of all of the quotes from The Holiday, this showcases how much he has to work in all aspects of his life to make things work.

Miles Helps Iris Have Fun

“It’s Christmas Eve And We Are Going To Go Celebrate Being Young And Being Alive.”

Jack Black and Kate Winslet in The Holiday

One of the brilliant parts of Jack Black’s character, Miles, is the fact he is always positive when he’s around Iris. While he has slight dips when he finds out he’s being cheated on by his partner, the fact that he turns the negative into a positive and demands they celebrate says a lot about him.

It’s a great moment from the movie, with Miles just taking the bull by its horns as he tries to make the best of a situation. That’s what he’s great at doing and is why he’s the perfect yang to Iris’ yin.

Amanda Doesn’t Say Goodbye

“Be Seeing You.”

Cameron Diaz and Jude Law in The Holiday

This is one of the most romantic moments in the movie, as Amanda tries to say goodbye to Graham, being sensible, despite not wanting to break things off with him. It’s a touching moment as they attempt to say goodbye in the nicest way possible.

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Of course, things don’t work out that way, but the romantic idea behind it is very classy, calm, and sophisticated, which makes it one of the most memorable lines from the entire movie.

Iris Takes A Stand

“This Twisted, Toxic THING Between Us Is Finally Finished!”

Iris and Jasper

The storyline between Jasper and Iris is one that leaves audiences incredibly frustrated because everyone knows he is wrong for her and doesn’t respect her, but it takes her a long time to work that out herself. However, the moment that the penny finally drops is a brilliant one.

It’s one of the best scenes in the entire movie when Iris finally steps up, believes in herself, and shuts Jasper down. She brings their “relationship” to a screeching halt and this quote is one that leaves audiences fist-pumping in happiness as it happens.

Miles Makes Sweet Music

“Iris, If You Were A Melody … I Used Only The Good Notes.”

The Holiday - Miles

Miles’ passion and skill are all related to the world of music, being a composer, and that’s what makes this quote so perfect. It’s something that can only really work in a romantic comedy setting, and Black pulls it off perfectly in this movie.

It’s a really sweet moment in The Holiday that shows his true feelings for Iris, showcasing what he thinks about her as a person and giving her a moment of positivity. It just works wonderfully with the characters and provides the warm, fuzzy feeling that a romantic Christmas movie should give.

Arthur Tells It Like It Is

“You, I Can Tell, Are A Leading Lady, But For Some Reason, You Are Behaving Like The Best Friend.”

Arthur and Iris chatting in the garden in The Holiday

This is another really smartly written line, which plays on Arthur Abbott’s career as a screenwriter and perfectly explains how Iris is behaving when he first meets her. It’s a sweet line that sums up Arthur as a character; someone who is incredibly kind and caring, and delivers one of the most often remembered The Holiday quotes.

It also explains Iris in a really simple but effective manner. She is a leading lady character, in that she deserves so much more than she gets. But she starts out with such little confidence due to Jasper, and because this line is what really brings Iris and Arthur close together as friends, it is an important moment.

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