The OnePlus Nord 2 PacMan Edition 

The OnePlus Nord 2 PacMan Edition 


The OnePlus Nord 2 PacMan Edition

Here Your First Look At The OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition

However, the OnePlus Nord 2 PacMan Edition is a weird beast. The Shenzhen company has a history of unique works for its flagship series. From the McLaren edition that instils a sense of speed to the Avengers-style phone that piggybacks on the hype skirts that surround Marvel’s latest movies. Meanwhile, the Harry Potter Edition OnePlus watch complements the evergreen Potter mania with a series of dials and monogrammed leather straps. On the other hand, the PacMan edition has no obvious meaning. Pac-Man may have solidified its position in the history of video games, but it’s not easy to call it a system seller.

Although the characters themselves are recognizable, they are less appealing to younger viewers when compared to the cyberpunk version of the OnePlus 8T, which looked like a prop directly from the video game. If I argue that the whimsical bullets that escape from ghosts could be a OnePlus analogy that escapes from their enthusiastic past, I dig deep into the realm of tinfoil, but I deviate.

The OnePlus Nord 2 PacMan Edition is simply a showcase for companies that enjoy brand cooperation. The phone is a classic example of a playful nostalgic compliment to one of our earliest collective video game memories. That’s why I’m here.

OnePlus Nord 2 PAC-MAN Edition Specifications, price - Specs Tech

At first glance, only the dotted pattern on the back wall, which is bluish silver, stands out. However, the phone is the literal definition of a business in the foreground and a party in the background. It’s a fairly simple device during the day.

The glowing elements in the dark create a breathtaking visual sense and a gimmick hidden in the field of vision. It’s not too far from the video game Easter Egg, and I love it.

These subtle references to the history of video games extend to the software experience. I haven’t spent much time on the pre-installed PacMan 256 games, but according to OnePlus, playing the game for 256 minutes unlocks many photo stickers.

Elsewhere, you can find PacManthemed wallpapers, ringtones, and animations. Fingerprint scanner custom animations are especially appealing when ghosts chase Pac-Man while unlocking the phone. I wish OnePlus wanted a complete custom icon pack, but the 8-bit icons redesigned for the OnePlus standard app are nice. The notification shade is reminiscent of an old school arcade or the original Pac-Man game with an electric blue border.

With small additions and changes, you get a software experience that goes far beyond what you’ve seen in your company. You can easily see the effort and depth of customization here. More importantly, all changes need to be linked to a cohesive, fairly enjoyable user experience.

The adjustment also applies to inboxes decorated with PacMan characters. Special edition purchasers will also be offered a free Pac Man-themed desk stand. Unfortunately, I couldn’t investigate in detail. The brand partnership comes in many forms.

The OnePlus Nord 2 PacMan Edition is the exact opposite. It has the fun and enthusiastic nature of the game and really depends on the aesthetics of the game. As someone juggling dozens of phones at the same time, phones are rarely designed to be fun.

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