Tom Brady Sr. reveals only Patriots gear he kept after son left for Tampa Bay

Tom Brady Sr. reveals only Patriots gear he kept after son left for Tampa Bay

With Tom Brady now making plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his dad has come out and said that he’s gotten rid of basically all of his New England Patriots gear. 

For so many New England Patriots fans out there, it’s still tough to accept the fact that Tom Brady is no longer making plays for the team. Instead, Brady has been too busy winning games with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So, how does Brady’s dad feel about the Pats now that his son is over in Florida? Well, the latest update on what he still owns when it comes to New England gear is incredibly head-turning, as Brady’s dad came out and said all that he has left is a license plate. Whoa.


Tom Brady’s dad revealed that he’s basically gotten rid of all of his New England apparel

This has to make you feel kind of bad if you’re a New England supporter. Brady helped the Patriots win six Super Bowls. What was better than seeing Brady embrace his dad, who he said was his hero, after winning it all? Seeing video of the two hug is enough to get folks in the Northeast emotional. Now, all of papa Brady’s Pats stuff has been donated to charity.

Now, though, the elder Brady has traded in his New England stuff for that of Tampa Bay. In his first campaign with the Bucs, Brady went on to win yet another Super Bowl, bringing home ring No. 7. Thus far in 2021, Tampa Bay is a perfect 2-0 on the year, recording wins over Dallas and Atlanta.

The Patriots are 1-1, losing to the Dolphins, but beating the lowly Jets in Week 2. Life sure is weird and borderline terrible without Brady under center for Bill Belichick. Now, all folks in the Boston area can do is think about the good old days. Meanwhile for the Brady clan, they’ve got another title on their minds.

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