Top 10 Netflix Shows That Are Worth Your Netflix Subscription

Top 10 Netflix Shows That Are Worth Your Netflix Subscription

Netflix is the new black. There are so many incredible television shows on Netflix that our hearts can’t take it any longer. We know this has happened to you, too. You binge watch a show on Netflix one day and for some reason, you’ve been hooked ever since.

  1. The Crown 

You fantasize about being a queen but you’re not one yet, right? This show is so epic and well done. There are tons of familiar faces, we know that’s why it has such a following, but you can’t deny the quality of the show.

  1. Stranger Things 

You remember going to Hawkins, Indiana and being terrified while everyone was watching this on Netflix? If you still have nightmares from that day, watch this show instead because it will be more enjoyable than anything else on TV at the moment.

  1. Emily In Paris 

You have spent your entire life dreaming about getting a Hollywood makeover. We know you do, because you’ve said it before. Well take that fantasy to the next level and watch this show on Netflix. Emily in Paris season 2 is streaming on Netflix, go watch it now!

  1. Narcos 

Do you feel lost or confused in this time of upheaval? If so, this drug cartel story could be your new favorite television show, start watching.

  1. Riverdale 

Do you like the CW network shows? If so, this Riverdale drama should be your next binge-watch obsession. There are so many mysteries to solve and it’s not as scary as Stranger Things.

  1. Best of Enemies 

Love documentaries? This Best of Enemies is a must watch! It talks about the opposing sides fighting in the mid-1900s and how it affected people politically and socially. Edward R Murrow (of Mike Wallace fame) covered these two politicians during this time period and when I say he made them famous, I mean he made them famous for all the wrong reasons.

  1. Black Mirror 

You love movies that have technological themes or you love the thought of life in the future? Well then this is your show, it’s pitch black and entertaining.

  1. The Mindy Project 

You think you’re a hopeless romantic like Mindy Kaling? Watch this show about her life as a rom-com writer for the worst show on TV, Fox News. It’s hilarious!

  1. Lost In Space 

We know this is a reboot but it’s better than any other science fiction series on television right now.

  1. The Big Bang Theory

Do you think that there is something more to life and the people around you have no idea what you are going through? Well this show will help you articulate your feelings and find the hidden meanings in everything.

Final words

So there you have it! We loved all of those shows, but we’re looking for you to tell us what your favorite shows are. Let us know in the comments section below.

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