Urban Meyer apologizes to Jaguars for scandalous viral video: ‘It was stupid’

Urban Meyer apologizes to Jaguars for scandalous viral video: ‘It was stupid’

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer addressed the video of him that went viral over the weekend and apologized to his team.

It’s been a rough year for Urban Meyer.

The first-year Jacksonville Jaguars coach is still in search of his first win in the NFL after a successful college career, but he found off-field trouble after video and photos of him at a Columbus-area bar went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Meyer was seen in a video with a woman dancing on him while he sat on a barstool. The woman in the video was not his wife.

Further, there were photos of Meyer looking less than his best self with captions alleging he was flirting with women in the establishment.

Urban Meyer apologizes for viral video

On Monday, Meyer addressed the video publicly for the first time, saying he apologized to his staff and team.

“It was stupid. … I should have left, Meyer said.”

Meyer’s team and staff will be quick to forgive him for his off-field activity, but he may have more to answer at home for what transpired in the video.

Meyer has been a punching bag for critics who think it’s just a matter of time before he either resigns and returns to the college game with jobs like USC having a vacancy. While others think he’ll feign a health concern like he did when he left Florida to get out of the Jaguars’ job before he’s fired.

The Jaguars haven’t won since Week 1 in 2020. If there is any team that could desperately use a win to change the conversation, it’s Meyer’s club.

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