Vagina care expert Rachael speaks about the trend in beauty and health

Vagina care expert Rachael speaks about the trend in beauty and health

We visited Hearts_v_spa, located at Namaganda plaza level 3 T6. It’s a spa where we met Rachael GoodHearts, nurse who has made a name as a vagina beauty and health guru.

Rachael specialises in “The Yoni” which deals in women only waxing, V-steaming, Vajacial and all yoni products.

Racheal Goodhearts, an enrolled midwife trained from Mengo Nursing School, is now a businesswoman in her own right as C E O of Hearts_V_Spa.

She takes us told us why Vaginal Steaming is healthy.

Rachael GoodHearts:
Throughout our lives, our vaginas and reproductive systems go through a lot: Menstruation, intercourse, and childbirth can put a lot of stress on the vagina and uterus.

Many people also struggle with pelvic floor issues, changing hormones, endometriosis, and other factors that can contribute to discomfort.
So this is when vaginal steaming saves: It’s is an ancient Korean practice that is thought to be beneficial in cleansing the vagina and uterus, regulating the menstrual cycle, easing the pain of period cramps and bloating, and aiding in healing and soothing after childbirth.

The process involves sitting over a steaming pot of herb-infused water, generally for about 20 minutes per session.
It’s thought that, as the steam rises and the herbs penetrate vaginal tissue, the vagina and uterus are cleansed and soothed. The practice can also be very meditative, and may be done at home or as a spa treatment at Hearts_V_Spa

What are Yoni Steam Benefits?

The benefits of yoni steaming are so many;
It functions as a natural and simple method of cleansing and detoxifying the uterus and vagina. Yoni steaming can also aid in maintaining reproductive health, increasing fertility, balancing the vaginal PH, and balancing hormones, which can help to regulate periods and ease unpleasant symptoms of menstruation such as cramps, headaches, and vaginal discomfort.
Anyone with a vagina can experience the benefits of yoni steaming especially those who suffer from reoccurring UTIs, painful or irregular periods, are looking to increase fertility, or are experiencing general discomfort.
These benefits are more than just physical. The practice has been used for generations to encourage mental and emotional wellbeing by improving symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fatigue.
Vaginal steaming provides benefits through natural herbs that soothe, balance, and nourish the reproductive system without disrupting the natural makeup of the vagina and uterus.
Although there is no empirical evidence to back these claims, many people report experiencing a sense of relaxation after steaming, and chose to incorporate the practice into their self-care regimen.

Are there no side effects of Yoni Steam?

There are a few potential side effects of yoni steaming to be aware of before you try it. For example, some people experience discharge after yoni steam. This is absolutely normal and nothing to be concerned about. It’s very important that you take precautions to ensure your health and safety whenever you yoni steam.

Here are a few important steps to take to avoid any potential yoni steam side effects and risks:

Ensure the water is hot, but not too hot. If the steam is too hot, you could burn the sensitive vaginal tissues.

Consider testing the pH balance in your mixture. The vagina is an acidic environment, with a natural pH level between 3.8 and 4.5 and it’s important to ensure your mixture falls somewhere in this range.

Make sure your pot and any other equipment you use are thoroughly cleaned before use, in order to avoid unnecessary irritation and infections, such as yeast infections.

Yoni steaming is not recommended during your period or during pregnancy.

So what is Yoni Steam Herbs Recipe DIY?

The herbs you use for vaginal steaming are important.
Yoni steam ingredients generally involve some combination of the following herbs:

Basil (cleansing)

Rosemary (anti-bacterial and anti-microbial)

Oregano (antiseptic)

Calendula (anti-inflammatory)

Motherwort (cleansing, pain-relieving)

Mugwort (all purpose)

Lavender (anti-microbial)

Marigolds (anti-inflammatory)

Thyme (anti-bacterial and anti-microbial).

Each herb used for steaming has its own unique benefits, and the right herbs for your mixture depend on your specific needs and wants.

How Often Should You Yoni Steam?

While yoni steaming is a fantastic and natural option that has been used in many cultures to promote health, it’s important to consider your own individual needs and concerns before diving into the process. Many people will have their own preferences and considerations in terms of ingredients and frequency. So, you may be wondering, “how often should you yoni steam”?

The answer will be different for everyone, but for the average person, it is usually recommended that they steam two to three times throughout the month, but never when pregnant or during menstruation.

However, for people looking to increase fertility, steaming weekly, especially during preovulation, can provide significant benefits.

Additionally, people who suffer with severe period symptoms such as bloating, discomfort, or painful cramps will likely benefit from steaming two or three times in the week leading up to their period. Ultimately, the frequency at which you choose to yoni steam depends on your personal needs, comfort level, and cycle.

The goal is to soothe and heal any vaginal or reproductive discomfort and cleanse the area.

Having a comfortable seat or stool to sit on for the 20-25 minutes of vaginal steaming is extremely important.

Where can one find a Safe V-Spa for V-steaming/yoni steaming?

Hearts_v_spa is the only safe V Spa where you can do V steam or get your yoni-steaming herbs and all the yoni tools you need and all you need to know about yoni steam, it’s free consultation you can find us at Namaganda plaza (Luwum street near Nakasero market) level 3 room number T6 or call us on 0754417910

Facebook @Heartsvspa
Instagram @Heartsvspa
0754417910 watsapp and direct call

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