Veteran actor Mumtaz comes live on Instagram answers fans queries

Veteran actor Mumtaz comes live on Instagram answers fans queries

Tanya Madhvani gave the fans a surprise by bringing her mother and veteran actor Mumtaz on an Instagram live session. During the session, the actor spoke about a lot of things including her Bollywood comeback.

As a fan asked her about her comeback in Bollywood, Mumtaz said, “Bollywood? I do not know. I am not sure if I will get the kind of role that really touches my heart and it will be nice and people will appreciate it.” She then added, “First I will have to take my husband’s permission. He will say ‘okay you can do one’. Then maybe I will. Otherwise, no.”


Mumtaz also assured her fans that she will soon return to Mumbai, India. Tanya then urged fans of the former actor to ask her to step out as she said, “She does not go out! Please ask her to step out.”

Tanya also read comments from Mumtaz’s fans and the latter was overwhelmed. She expressed her gratitude towards the fans for showering so much love. Mumtaz was also asked about her skin care routine to which she laughingly replied she uses “anything for free”.

Vetran Actor Mumtaz.

Wrapping up the session, Mumtaz requested her fans to continue to love and support her. She added,  “Don’t cry for me later, the way people were crying for Lata ji ‘oh I wish’. I belong to you people.”

Mumtaz made her debut with Sone Ki Chidiya (1958) at the age of 11. She took a break from Bollywood for 13 years and returned with the 1990 movie Aandhiyan, but left acting after that.

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