Viking wideout wins unofficial contest for NFL’s best singer

Viking wideout wins unofficial contest for NFL’s best singer

Minnesota Vikings reporter Luke Braun shared a video of one of the Vikings wideouts singing his heart out in a “buttery smooth tenor.”

NFL athletes are the top one percent of NCAA athletes, and those that remain in the NFL are even rarer talents as the best football players in the world.

As talented as they are in football, some NFL athletes also possess additional talents that merit their own career. Martellus Bennett is a children’s book author and illustrator, Bobby Wagner could play pool at the professional level, and Herschel Walker was so good at ballet that he even performed with the Fort Worth Ballet.

The Vikings now have a player of their own with a hidden talent to rival that of Bruno Mars in his recent cover of Mars’ “Talking To The Moon.”


Vikings receiver Blake Proehl reveals hidden singing talent on social media

Proehl did a cover of Mars’ 2010 song, recording a high-quality track that rivaled that of professional singers.

One Twitter user noted that Cam Bynum began learning the piano during the pandemic, which would make for a jazzy musical duo right here in Minnesota.

In recent years, several NFL players have experimented with musical careers, although most of these players have rapped original lyrics rather than singing R&B covers. Cole Beasley, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell are a few players who have dropped musical tracks in recent years. However, the desire to pursue musical careers has gone back for decades, with the Bears even earning a Grammy nomination for “The Super Bowl Shuffle.”

Aside from the musical precedent in the league, Blake Proehl is a part of his own NFL legacy: he is the son of Ricky Proehl, a two-time Super Bowl winner who played wide receiver for six different teams.

Now, Blake Proehl is making a name for himself as a rookie for the Vikings, and while he has yet to play his first NFL snap, he is getting a reputation for his incredible talents off the field.


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