Watch: Jason Sudeikis as the devil trolls Astros, Tom Brady on Saturday Night

Watch: Jason Sudeikis as the devil trolls Astros, Tom Brady on Saturday Night

Actor Jason Sudeikis stole the show this weekend, as he trolled both the Houston Astros and Tom Brady during Saturday Night Live. 

Few can argue that Jason Sudeikis is one of the funniest dudes out there. Any chance he gets, the comedian is ready to make folks laugh out there. Such was the case on Saturday night, with the Houston Astros and Tom Brady being his latest victims.

During Saturday Night Live, Sudeikis ‘celebrated’ the Houston Astros winning the ALCS by trolling them as Satan. Then only a few seconds later, he shifted his attention to Brady. This is simply pure gold from him.

Jason Sudeikis trolling Tom Brady and the Astros was absolutely hilarious

As you can see in the video above, Sudeikis somehow was able to keep somewhat of a straight face through this. According to him, Satan wouldn’t have had the Astros move on to the World Series. At the same time, Satan also has Brady’s soul? Of course.

All the Brady haters out there probably agreed with what Sudeikis had to say here. At the end of the day, though, Houston is headed to the World Series to take on the Atlanta Braves, while Brady still has his seven Super Bowl rings.

Brady powered Tampa Bay to the Lombardi Trophy last year, doing so in truly unreal fashion. Now, the Bucs are among the favorites to win it all again this season. Should they get that job done, Sudeikis would of course have even more material to discuss on SNL.

All in all, these were just playful jabs, but you better believe that there are millions of folks out there who don’t want to see Houston win another World Series and Brady take home an eighth Super Bowl ring.

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