Watch: Stephen A. Smith calls Aaron Rodgers a ‘national embarrassment’

Watch: Stephen A. Smith calls Aaron Rodgers a ‘national embarrassment’

The one and only Stephen A. Smith didn’t hold back with his latest comments on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

The backlash against Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers isn’t slowing down one bit. As you all know by now, Rodgers missed Sunday’s game with the Kansas City Chiefs after he tested positive for COVID-19, and it was revealed shortly after that he was unvaccinated.

Rodgers’ explanation of things while talking with Pat McAfee was a total head-scratcher. Now, the ever-so boisterous Stephen A. Smith has decided to speak out on Rodgers, proverbially knocking him out with his latest comments.

Stephen A. Smith destroys Aaron Rodgers for COVID-19 vaccine take

Smith didn’t hesitate in saying this is the most embarrassing performance of Rodgers’ career. Countless of folks out there would agree with that statement from Smith. When Rodgers explained his decision with McAfee, he said he was a ‘critical thinker’ and he even cited Martin Luther King Jr. for having the right to his beliefs.

Ever since that controversial interview with McAfee, Rodgers has lost thousands and thousands of fans. Heck, he even lost an endorsement deal as well. On top of all that, Rodgers had to miss the highly-anticipated showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 9.

With Rodgers away from the team, former first-round pick Jordan Love got his first start and he looked terrible throughout the meeting. The Packers ended up losing 13-7. Had Rodgers been suited up, few could argue it would have been a completely different showdown.

Moving forward, Rodgers is set to return to the Packers on Nov. 13. Once he does, he’ll have the chance to speak to the media and clear some things up. Smith will be watching closely to see if Rodgers can somehow redeem himself.

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