What does caulk mean as viral word game choice leaves players stumped

What does caulk mean as viral word game choice leaves players stumped

Five letters, six efforts, one word – your morning experience on viral game Wordle can make or break your day. Today though, the nation is left in tatters – here’s what the brutal word ‘caulk’ means

Wordle has taken the UK by storm, revolutionising the country’s return to commuting and breeding newfound competition between generations on the family group chat.

Some days can feel like a walk in the park, a gentle mental warm-up that helps get the cogs working and blows away the cobwebs from last night’s glass of wine.

Today that isn’t the case. Today was brutal – a cruel reminder of just how nasty the English language can be.

The word has left people desperate. Taking to Twitter, user @PNKNWHlTE wrote: “The word today being caulk…like who else was scared.”

@mi_shmash went one further, saying: “Seriously what does caulk mean.”

A third, @Official_N2, chose to abandon sentences altogether, simply writing: “Caulk?


“I’m sorry…


As the dust settles on one of the worst commutes since offices reopened, the confusion of the Wordle community has left a huge question hanging over the UK.

What on earth does caulk mean?


What does today’s Wordle word ‘caulk’ mean?

Sealing a crack with caulk is a common DIY technique

According to the revered Cambridge dictionary, caulk, a noun, is defined as: “A substance used for filling in the gaps around the edge of something, for example a bath or shower.”

Similarly, the ever-popular Collins Dictionary provides a definition for the word in the form of a transitive verb. It says: “If you caulk something such as a boat, you fill small cracks in its surface in order to prevent it from leaking.”

Providing an example, the dictionary states: “He’d offered to caulk the windows.”

So there you have it – caulk is the sealant that goes around the edges of your plumbing appliances in your house or, if you’re lucky, the windows of your boat.

How to play viral game Wordle

Don’t forget to share your Wordle score on the family group chat when you’re done

Wordle is a thrillingly simple game, which is no doubt part of the reason it is so popular.

Every day a new five-letter word gets released for you to work out. You only get one word per day.

Players have six attempts to work out what the word is, with each attempt providing clues about the correct place a letter must go.

While you could guess the word in your first go it is extremely unlikely and instead, the skill comes from working them out in as few attempts as possible.

Wordle players have been left in bits by the cruel use of ‘caulk’ today

If you place a latter in the correct place it will highlight green so you know it needs to go there again on your next attempt.

If a word gets highlighted yellow then the letter is in the word but you have placed it in the wrong place and will need to move on your next effort.

Be warned though, because you will only get six attempts to guess the word, so choose your guesses carefully.

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