What if the Steelers are forced to take Ben Roethlisberger back?

What if the Steelers are forced to take Ben Roethlisberger back?

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has reportedly told ex-teammates this is his last year, but what if it’s not?

Roethlisberger looked downright dreadful heading into the Steelers rivalry game against the Baltimore Ravens. What a difference a week can make, right?

Big Ben and Pittsburgh’s offense came alive in the fourth quarter, and the Steelers came away with an upset win to keep their playoff hopes alive…for now. The remaining schedule is tough, and they’re still technically out of the top-7.

Nonetheless, Roethlisberger proved he still has something left to give, especially to former teammates questioning his greatness (cough: Ryan Clark).

So, what if Roethlisberger proves himself capable enough to come back next season? The Steelers would be wise to consider all options on the table.

Steelers: What if Ben Roethlisberger comes back?

All signs point to the opposite, but the Steelers should consider everything. First, Kevin Colbert and Co. aren’t enamored with the upcoming quarterback class in the 2022 NFL Draft. It’s no secret, and they aren’t alone.

Even Pitt’s Kenny Pickett, who’s taken huge steps forward at Heinz Field, hasn’t caught their eye. Colbert was reportedly more impressed with UNC’s Sam Howell, despite the fact that Howell has taken a step back this season in the eyes of most scouts.

Roethlisberger’s QB rating this season is 90.6. The last four games, he’s thrown for eight touchdowns and two interceptions. If you take out an awful performance against the Bengals, he’s thrown for seven touchdowns and no interceptions. His overall touchdown to interception ratio is 16:6, despite the fact that his arm might be falling off at this juncture.

It’s not secret Big Ben doesn’t have much left to give. If the Steelers don’t give him a chance in 2022, perhaps someone else will. And that’s a thought that should make Pittsburgh sports fans shake in their boots.

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