When will Browns release Odell Beckham Jr? Here’s the plan

When will Browns release Odell Beckham Jr? Here’s the plan

The Cleveland Browns finally have a plan in place to release Odell Beckham, Jr. after discussing matters with his agent.

The organization has been trying to find a way to move on from Odell for a few days now, as Beckham has been excused from practice all week. ‘Excusing’ him was just a creative way to suspend OBJ without actually having to, you know, suspend him.

The drama between Beckham and the Browns has been bubbling for years, but the recent exchange between his father and other high-profile athletes, including LeBron James, around the trade deadline didn’t help matters. OBJ reportedly told the Browns he wanted out, if they could arrange it.

Yet, the deadline passed, and Beckham is still a Brown. So, will OBJ remain in Cleveland? And if so, how long?

When will Browns release Odell Beckham Jr?

The Browns plan to release Odell on Friday, per Pro Football Talk.

“The move is expected to be accompanied by a revised contract that reduces the team’s obligation to pay Beckham, if he’s not claimed on waivers and becomes eligible for the balance of his salary termination pay. The challenge for Beckham becomes not making the reduced salary so low that someone claims the contract on waivers.”

Odell Beckham Jr. contract

Beckham Jr.’s contract is an obvious sticking point for the two sides. Odell doesn’t mind sacrificing some money to get out of Cleveland, but he doesn’t want to be claimed by an inferior organization on waivers. In fact, he’d rather control his own destiny entirely in free agency.

Expect the two sides to come to a resolution on Friday, or at the very latest the weekend.

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