Where is the Fortnite Spider-Man Mythic Web Shooter Location?

Where is the Fortnite Spider-Man Mythic Web Shooter Location?

Fortnite’s latest update has brought a plethora of changes to the game, including new items, quests and much more.

In the past few years, Fortnite has been one of the most popular games not only in the battle royale genre, but in the gaming industry as a whole as well. If you are an avid player of the game, you might be well aware of the fact that Epic Games frequently releases a plethora of updates for the game to ensure that fans don’t have any dearth of new content.

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After several months, the latest Chapter was released in the game, and we witnessed a number of new things. Some players are curious where they can get the Mythic Web Shooter after the latest update.


Fortnite | Chapter 3 Season 1 Character Trailer



Fortnite | Chapter 3 Season 1 Character Trailer






Where is the Fortnite Spider-Man Mythic Web Shooter Location?

The latest Update adds some Spider-Man stuff in the game, ranging from web shooters to backpacks and much more. Now if you are looking for the web shooters in the game, you might have noticed that it is not quite easy to find them. So how do you get them?

Well, it’s quite simple. All you need to do is find the backpacks located in the map. These backpacks have a massive 90% chance of having a mythic we shooter, so you should be able to get one from there itself, without any troubles whatsoever. Do note that it may contain either a limited mythic shooter, or an unlimited one depending on your luck.

The “Spider-Man’s Web Shooters” Mythic is Live, Here’s where you can find it. It has a 90% spawn chance in a backpack attached to walls. The backpack drops heals and a chance for an unlimited or limited version of the item. The limited version has 80 shots! (lmk if this is wrong) pic.twitter.com/Dlz0ufZeiY

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) December 11, 2021

You might be wondering where you can find these. Prominent Fortnite Twitter account HYPEX has given us an outline about all the areas which contain the backpacks, so you should be able to find them without much issues. You can find all the locations above.

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