Who Won Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin Finals?

Who Won Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin Finals?

Valorant Champions 2021 Finals results are out, and here’s the team that came out as the winner in the tournament.

Riot Games’ Valorant Champions is one of the biggest esports events of 2021. Several teams from around the world faced off each other to compete in Berlin; however, only 16 teams qualified for the finals that were held from December 1st, 2021, to December 12th, 2021.

Millions of fans followed the event online to support their favorite team and region. And now, after several matches, the event has come to a close with the ultimate winner.

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Valorant | Champions 2021 Skin Reveal Trailer



Valorant | Champions 2021 Skin Reveal Trailer






Who won Valorant Champions 2021?

Valorant Champions 2021 Grand-Finals held between Acend and Gambit, both teams hailing from EMEA. And after a total of five maps, Acend defeated Gambit with 3-2.

In the first match, Gambit took the lead by defeating Acend with 13-11 on Breeze. Acend replied by beating Gambit with a score of 13-7 on the Ascent map.

However, Gambit kept things difficult for Acend after taking them down on the third map, Fracture, with 13-3. After that, we moved on to Icebox, where both teams performed really well and stretched the match to overtime. But eventually, Acend landed the final blow and took the victory with 14-12. Finally, the deciding map was Split, and Acend took the trophy by defeating Gambit with 13-8.

After Gambit ended KRU’s streak in the semi-finals, millions of fans wanted to see the team competing with Acend in the finals. And honestly, the Grand-Finals didn’t disappoint.

What’s New in Valorant?

Valorant players are still enjoying the new Chamber agent who arrived in the game last month. However, the community is already looking forward to Episode 4, scheduled to begin with Act 1 in January.

Interestingly, Riot Games has already started teasing the upcoming agent, who will reportedly come from Manila, Philippines.

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